An update on some frequently asked questions regarding Coronavirus

Bingham Town FC and Coronavirus
Frequently Asked Questions – issued 21st March 2020, updated 5th and 6th May 2020

We hope all of our members, players, supporters and all of the Bingham community are staying safe and coping in these difficult and unprecedented times. We recognise that there are far more important things going on than grassroots football, however, we thought we would issue a short list of the most pressing Q&As:

Q: What will happen to monthly fees now that matches and training are not happening?
A: There will be no charges made for April or May. If you have a direct debit set up via the football club no further charges will be made. If you have your own regular payment set up via your bank (eg standing order) then any over payments will be credited to your account to use against any future fees. Similarly, if you paid in full at the start of the season then you will have two months credit to use against any future charges. If you have old debts (prior to Covid 19 shutdown) then these will still stand and will need to be cleared prior to any new registrations.

Q: Shall I cancel my Direct Debit?
A: Unless you are leaving the club completely there is no need to cancel your direct debit. Our direct debit system is not set to automatically collect money and the club has control over when collection requests are made. As mentioned above, there will be no fee collections for April or May. It will save both the club volunteers and yourselves extra admin time if you leave your direct debit mandate in place ready for whenever football resumes, even if that is next season.

Q: What will happen with Presentation Day?
A: Presentation Day (originally planned for 6th June) will not take place.

Q: When can my child play matches or train again? Will it be this season?
A: We do not know at this stage. We will keep in touch with Nottinghamshire FA and the leagues and we will update you as soon the advice regarding matches and training changes.

Q: My child will really miss training and matches. Can I arrange a match or kickabout with some of my child’s squad?
A: Insurances, safeguarding, first aid and welfare will not be in place so this must not be done under the Bingham Town FC banner. Despite gatherings like this being against PHE advice anyway, this would be entirely at your own risk and this must be made clear to participants too. If games like this do take place, then players and parents must not wear BTFC playing kit or BTFC coaches clothing at such a session.

Q: Is this break in football saving the club money?
A: Many of our most significant costs (to pay for the clubhouse and ongoing essential maintenance of pitches for example) will continue. This will cost the club approximately £5k over the two final months of our season when we would usually have 22% of the entire seasons fees coming in.

We will provide more updates in due course.
Take care,
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